Pasi Kärsämänoja Attorneys Ltd  |  Pohjoinen Hesperiankatu 33, FI-00260, Helsinki, Finland



Selected clients advised by Pasi Kärsämänoja

  • Major Scandinavian construction company, with annual net sales of ca. EUR 4 billion, Pasi Kärsämänoja advising in several project agreements and procurement projects in Finland with values of over EUR 10 million
  • Northern Europe-based publicly listed construction and service company with an annual turnover of  ca. EUR 4 billion and with extensive operations in Northern Europe, Pasi Kärsämänoja advising in negotiations regarding numerous project contracts worth several millions of euros
  • Finnish subsidiary of Western Europe-based multinational corporation engaged in electricity distribution, automation management and installation with an annual revenue of ca. EUR 17 billion, Pasi Kärsämänoja handling the legalities of a long-term service contract with value of EUR 12 million and numerous other service and procurement contracts
  • Major Finnish pension insurance company with insurance payment income of over EUR 1 billion, Pasi Kärsämänoja advising and drafting documentation in several domestic and cross-Atlantic industry and building related investment transactions over the years in the range of EUR 10 million – EUR 100 million
  • Sweden-based publicly listed corporation with an annual turnover of ca. EUR 600 million, with subsidiaries in Finland and the Baltic states supplying machinery, planning and maintenance services for process industry, Pasi Kärsämänoja advising on a daily basis in relation to project and delivery agreements worth of tens of millions of euros over the years
  • Several Finnish municipalities and other public institutions, Pasi Kärsämänoja advising in a large variety of issues related to construction, public procurement, agreement drafting and claims management
  • Finland-based venture capital fund with over EUR 30 million of assets under management and with an extensive portfolio on investments in the life science sectors, Pasi Kärsämänoja handling the legalities of all project agreements, investment agreements and other agreements for the fund and its porftfolio companies
  • Southern Finland-based housing and real estate corporation in public ownership, owning ca. 10 000 apartments, Pasi Kärsämänoja advising in a large number of project contracts, public procurement projects and other issues
  • Over the years, Mr. Kärsämänoja has been speaker in numerous legal seminars and workshops organized by professional organisations, corporations and public institutions, such as:
  • Talentum Corporation
  • KIINKO Real Estate Education
  • Helsinki Chamber of Commerce
  • Education Institute of the Finnish Association of Lawyers
  • The Finnish Association of Building Owners and Construction Clients RAKLI
  • University of Joensuu
  • Internal workshops of several international corporations